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nous devenons plus petite

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And I think the reality of fitting in summer clothes and rides and (gulps) an airplane seat has really sunk in. So I'm being practically obsessive with what I'm eating and getting in excercise before we leave. I have 33 days. And if people on biggest loser can drop 48 pounds in 6 weeks, I can drop like hmm, maybe say 30 pounds in 5? (crosses fingers)

So, I present today's meals:

Breakfast- Cafe au Lait (120 cals.)
Snack 1- Mixed Salad (20 cals.) w/ Greek vinegarette (60 cals.)
Lunch- Chicken Noodle Soup (150 cals.), 1 string cheese (80 cals.), 1 apple (70 cals.)
Snack 2- WWers Peach Yogurt (100 cals.)
Dinner- Okinomiyaki (400 cals... totally a guess)
64 oz water w/ 8 oz. light cran-grape juice... (40 cals)

It's sorta light on the veggies, so I'll probably have a late night veggie snack, but I got in the day's fruits and dairy, and water. Woo!

Now if I could just get the work done too....

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Sorry I just wanted to Show off, It's been a while:

my-calorie-counter.com    The webs free Food Journal

I'm no longer in the 140's Yeah!!!!!!

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HI my name is Deb and I'm 4'11" and 140 pounds. My Ideal weight is 111 pounds.....LOL yeah right! I never want to be that skinny again. I just want to be healthy, So here is my plan:

1.) I will eat from all the food groups.
2.) I will try to excersise.
3.) I will cook more and stay away from fast food.
4.) I will try and stay away from bad food choices.
5.) I will quite smokeing as of yesterday.
6.) I will look at all new things as a new start, rather than a slap in the face.
7.) I will give my body 64oz of clean freash water everyday.
8.) My body has the right to be treated with tender loving care, both from me and my husband.

Well there are my goals now I have a Question:


OK so here is the scoop. Anyone know how to workout your legs and butt. I'm a pear and it seems like no matter howmuch weight I lose My ass is still there. I have even been taking something for cellulite but it helped to a point and now nothing.


Thanks and to all good luck on your goals.
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Welcome to any new faces reading this, and welcome back to members! I'm hoping to see us active again.

This is a community for weight loss. The only real rule is to be respectful and polite. Numbers or specific foods, please place under a cut.

I suggest the ticker factory for a weight-loss ticker,
the calorie counter or fitday for food tracking and calorie counting.


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